Le Mondeur (n.) : from French "le monde" (the world) but utterly Franglais, meaning the worlder or a person who worlds.

The Story

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Le Mondeur was first launched in early 2017 by its founder, Jessica Singer, as an extension of her love of adventure and connecting with people across cultures through travel. Prior to that time, Jessica had spent many years traveling and living in countries throughout the world, often for her work on human rights issues.

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Never one to choose brand names over a handcrafted piece with a story, Jessica founded Le Mondeur with the aim of bringing those rare finds—and the stories of those who make them—to others back home.

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While Le Mondeur began by curating broader collections of clothes and accessories, it was our handmade, one-of-a kind shoes that took immediate center stage, propelling Le Mondeur into this exciting new focus of traveling the world through shoes, one textile collection at a time.

meet our founder


Jessica received a degree in International Relations from Brown University and a law degree from UCLA. For over a decade, she has worked on human rights issues both abroad and at home, focusing primarily on issues of gender-based violence. A total language nerd, Jess speaks Spanish, French and a touch of several other languages, and would happily dedicate her remaining days to learning more languages if someone would pay her to do it.

While Jessica grew up wild in the mountains near Lake Tahoe in California, she loves the great cities of the world, and happily calls Brooklyn home these days. She’s a lifelong runner and snowboarder, and recently discovered a love for surfing in NYC, of all places.  

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