Arco Iris Heart Necklace (Mexico)

Arco Iris Heart Necklace (Mexico)


  • From The Oaxaca Collection.
  • Handmade in the Estado de Mexico, Mexico.
  • Hand cut and polished rainbow obsidian, hung with a sterling silver fastener on a wax-coated, adjustable leather necklace.
  • Max length of necklace is ~12”. Heart is 1.5” long. 

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During my stay in Mexico City, I visited an artisan workshop near the great Teotihuacán pyramids. The valley surrounding the great Teotihuacán pyramids is known for its obsidian production. Obsidian was an essential material in the ancient cultures there and throughout Mexico. This particular workshop turns out gorgeous obsidian sculptures and jewelry, some with a rare green sheen found only in the valley. While there I picked up a necklace made from another rare obsidian—rainbow obsidian (or arco iris, a word I’m hugely fond of in Spanish). Rainbow obsidian is an incredible form of obsidian which, when cut in the right direction, can bring out the full spectrum of rainbow colors. Though that particular obsidian comes from Jalisco, the piece was worked at the artisan shop. 

Click on the link below to learn more about this workshop and my visit to the pyramids in my story from that excursion.