Baby's Got Suit - Full Suit Available By Custom Order Only (Thailand)

Baby's Got Suit - Full Suit Available By Custom Order Only (Thailand)

  • From The Chiang Mai Collection.
  • 100% handmade and custom tailored by Feroz in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Original design by Le Mondeur’s founder, Jess.
  • Handwoven vintage hemp fabric; jacket comes with cotton or silk lining.
  • Sizes: The suit featured is from Jess' personal collection and is not available for sale. A similar suit an be custom made to order, just for you. Please contact for process. 
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Jess’ not-so-quiet design debut. The vintage fabric that inspired this suit series comes from a dwindling and hard-to-find source. This strong, durable hemp fabric was handwoven by Hmong hill tribe people, most of it dating back more than 30 years (and much more for certain pieces). There just aren’t very many people weaving this kind of cloth anymore. Vintage textiles of this quality are becoming increasingly rare and more expensive. The fabric pieces are only as wide as can be woven on a back strap loom and vary in length. One roll is typically not enough to make a single garment (Jess’ full black suit required four different black pieces!), so unique pieces must be matched as closely as possible (or not, depending on one’s taste) to make a seamless garment.

As of now, the collection has two ready-to-wear jackets and three pairs of shorts, but any of the Baby’s Got Suit pieces can be custom ordered. Colors will depend upon availability, but you can usually choose from black, white, brown, blue, yellow and sometimes olive green or light red. Jacket linings can come in either cotton or silk (for an additional cost).

Our tailor and co-conspirator in this design process is Feroz. He is an experienced tailor with exacting standards and a great eye. The construction of all these pieces is of the highest quality. He’s also a really good and fun person. Only caveat is that you’ll unfortunately be missing out on his in-person presence in this process!

The process will depend on where you're located. Please contact if interested in a custom Baby's Got Suit piece to discuss further. 

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