Kabalakhi - Hooded Scarf (Georgia)

Kabalakhi - Hooded Scarf (Georgia)

  • From the Georgia Collection
  • Designed by EthnoDesign and handmade by Georgian artisans.
  • 100% cotton. 
  • Reversible (other side is solid chestnut brown with the shown paisley as accent trim)
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Kabalakhi were typically made of woolen or woolen-silk mixture fabrics and often decorated with floral ornaments using special embroidery techniques and a tassel attached at the point. They were worn by both men and women (Kabalakhi is also known as a warrior’s head cover). Designed by and made exclusively for EthnoDesign (more on them below) by Georgian artisans, these beauties represent a chic twist on the original.

The Kabalakhi is regaining popularity at present due to its interesting form and multifunctional use as a scarf. I fell in love with them while I was there – I just find them to be elegant, romantic and almost fairytale-esque. Many stylish women in Georgia are now wearing them. There are several different ways in which the kabalakhi can be worn or wrapped. You can decide what you like best on a given day! You can wear it with the hood up and the long scarf tails wrapped around (or not). You can also drape it over your shoulders with the hood down in the back and the scarf tails draped in front. This would look particularly elegant over a simple dress or color scheme.


More about EthnoDesign:

EthnoDesign is the brand of the Georgian Heritage Crafts Association, which brings together unique pieces of Georgian handmade ethnic chic products. By purchasing these objects you support safeguarding of local heritage craft traditions and employment of Georgian craft makers.

We were fortunate to work with this association and the co-founder of EthnoDesign, Ano Shanshiashvili, during our Georgia trip. They are really doing incredible work to support and preserve craft traditions in Georgia. If you are ever in Georgia, you must stop by their store in Tbilisi: https://www.facebook.com/ethnodesignsocielshop/.