Khevi Dress - Personal Collection (Georgia)

Khevi Dress - Personal Collection (Georgia)

  • From the Georgia Collection
  • Designed and made by Chkareuli Handmade Studio.
  • This dress is from my personal collection but the studio accepts custom orders. Please contact me at to inquire. 
  • Traditional Tusheti wool hat made by artisans who work in collaboration with the Georgian Arts & Culture Center. Please contact me at to inquire about custom orders. 
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Don't get mad at me, but nothing here is immediately for sale but may be available by custom order. These three pieces -- the hat, dress and boots -- were acquired separately but all became integral and representative aspects of my trip. 

This dress is straight out of a fairy tale. It is so soft and flowing, with every detail meticulously crafted. It buttons all the way from the neck nearly to the floor. The form is a traditional Khevi dress from the mountainous region of northeastern Georgia. While on my textile tour I was able to meet with the studio's founder and try on a few of her magnificent pieces. High-end traditional design is really becoming popular again with the younger generation. I included a couple other (bad) photos of dresses she made. The navy blue one with silver embroidery stole my heart but, alas, I could not afford it this trip. Let me know if you're interested though. 

The hat is a traditional sheep's wool hat worn by the Tushetian (or Tush) people who live in the remote mountainous region of Tusheti. This particular hat (I also have a black one) were made by artisans who work with the Georgian Arts & Culture Center through their crafts project. If you are interested, please let me know and I can inquire about placing a custom order. 

The leather riding boots are handmade by Samoseli Pirveli, a design house and workshop located in Tbilisi that has almost single handedly revived the popularity of traditional, handmade Georgian clothing. We had the good fortune of befriendin the owner of Samoseli on our last night in Tbilisi. He's also the owner of the restaurant, Poliphonia, which you should definitely visit if you go to Tbilisi.