Natural Dye Cotton Ikat Necklace – Fixed Form in Indigo (Thailand)

Natural Dye Cotton Ikat Necklace – Fixed Form in Indigo (Thailand)

  • From The Chiang Mai Collection.
  • 100% handmade by Baisong in collaboration with Studio Naenna in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Naturally dyed cotton thread using Ikat technique, bound with wax-coated string.
  • Can be worn as a single, double or triple loop. Baisong designed each necklace so that it sits nicely when worn in any of these ways.
  • Length: approx. 13” 

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You’d be hard pressed to find more exquisite traditional weaving than what is being handmade at Studio Naenna. For nearly 30 years this studio has been producing the most elegant textiles while empowering women weavers. Jewelry designer Baisong began working with Studio Naenna to produce her signature jewelry over two years ago. The studio dyes the threads using an ikat technique, which is a very intricate method of creating textiles, involving many different steps of binding, dyeing, rebinding and re-dyeing the threads. Using some naturally dyed and some commercially dyed wax-coated thread, Baisong then transforms these threads into these unique, lightweight necklaces. All the base yarn you see in these necklaces is naturally dyed. The studio grows and makes their own safe (they design with mamas in mind) natural dyes, including 100% natural indigo from plants! 

More about Studio Naenna:

“In 1988 artist/historian Patricia Chessman was inspired to revitalize the Thai local wisdom of handmade complex weaving and intricate patterning to create one-of-a-kind textiles for modern living. The result is functional art of exquisite beauty made from the finest natural silks and cotton in the ancient treasured weft ikat technique. Training young weavers and supporting master weavers has elevated a sense of community while conserving 2000 year traditions and Fair Trade ethics.”