Silver Tapestry Earrings (Mexico)

Silver Tapestry Earrings (Mexico)


  • From The Oaxaca Collection.
  • Handmade in the Estado de Mexico, Mexico.
  • Polished, 925 silver earrings.
  • Each link is hand cut and assembled.  
  • 1.25” x 11/16” 

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During my stay in Mexico City, I visited an artisan workshop near the great Teotihuacán pyramids. Quite uncharacteristic for the region, the artisan workshop was also a silver smith workshop. I originally thought that most silver work in Mexico came from around Taxco. He said that was a common misconception, and that their workshop actually sends pieces to Taxco to sell. The workshop produced truly exquisite silver craftsmanship, rivaled only by some of my favorite filigree work in Turkey.

I found these earrings to be particularly compelling. I’ve never seen earrings that look quite like them. There are intersecting rows of two different kinds of hand cut links, creating a delicate chain mail that is both refined and strong. There is something ancient about the design, possibly inspired by the surrounding areas, but they are also very modern. They look beautiful on.

Click on link below to learn more about this workshop and my visit to the pyramids.