Wild Origins Tote with Canvas Bottom and Zip Pouch - Copper & Black (Thailand)

Wild Origins Tote with Canvas Bottom and Zip Pouch - Copper & Black (Thailand)

  • From The Chiang Mai Collection.
  • 100% handmade by Ploy Kasom in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
  • Nylon fabric, individually stamped with hand carved woodblock design.
  • Zip closure; leather strap; black muslin interior with two slip pockets and one zip closure. 
  • This bag also comes with the pictured zip wallet. 

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This artist works with many different mediums (painting, sculpture, textiles, etc.), and everything she makes is certain to make you smile. Seriously, you can only be happy looking at her art, which is a pure reflection of the artist. Ploy’s work is beautiful and strange, and clearly the work of a singular—and fantastic—imagination.

Practical, artistic statements, each of Ploy’s nylon bags are individually hand stamped with one of her fantastically bizarre woodblock carvings. She works with an incredible diversity of designs and colors. You’ll often see many of her favorite animals in her designs, including her cats. You’ll also see recurring imagery of flowing hair and eyes, and she often paints an interpretation of herself into her work. I added the names to the bags. A world class artist, I feel lucky to say that this is Ploy’s debut selling her bags to a store in the US. 

More about the artist, in her words:

My name is Ploy Kasom. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in printmaking arts and a master's degree in visual arts. I have since continued my creative work in the arts both in Thailand and abroad, which includes participation in: La Femme Women Artists in Chiang Mai; "Dream on Dreams" at Hong Kong Visual Art Centre in Hong Kong in 2017; "Prints as Print" Exhibition in Singapore in 2013; "Circus Terminal Thailand" at Sangdee Gallery, Chiang Mai; contemporary art exhibitions as faculty of Visual Arts and faculty of Fine Arts, Chiang Mai University; "Chiang Mai Crafts in Penang" project in Malaysia in 2014 at the Exhibition of Fine Arts; "Bird Horse and Me" exhibition at The Meeting Room Art Café, Chiang Mai, 2012; solo exhibition "Running in the Forest" at Tita Gallery, Chiang Mai; "Latent Dream" Exhibition at Seescape Gallery Chiang Mai; "Two" at Praewa Studio, Chiang Mai; "The Art of the Print" at Look at This Gallery; the 24th PTT Art Show; solo exhibition "Reverie of Happiness" at 116 Gallery, Chiang Mai; “Prints as Print” at Chiang Mai University Art Exhibition in 2008; and "Promote Artistic Creation State Senate,” General Prem Tinsulanonda, in 2010. KASPLOY has been awarded Young Designer by Chiang Mai Design Awards in 2014 and by the Faculty of Fine Arts, Faculty of Education, and the Faculty of Fine Arts from Chiang Mai University.