Le Mondeur's founder, curator and designer is Jess Singer. 

Jess grew up wild in the mountains near Lake Tahoe in California but happily calls Brooklyn home these days. In the time between those two places she has lived, loved, played and shopped(!) all over the world at every opportunity.

Jess received a degree in international relations from Brown University and a law degree from UCLA. For the past 10 years she has worked on human rights issues both abroad and at home.



Her work has included training judges all over the country on gender-based violence, clerking for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in Tanzania, facilitating the first pilot phases of a pioneering counter child trafficking initiative in Cameroon and, most recently, defending poor families in Brooklyn against unnecessary state intervention in child welfare proceedings.

A total language nerd, Jess speaks Spanish and French, and would happily dedicate her remaining days to learning more languages if someone would pay her to do it. And although she feels most at home in the biggest cities, her mountain soul requires her to get out into nature as often as possible. She’s a lifelong runner and snowboarder, and recently discovered a love for surfing in NYC, of all places.