Le Mondeur brings you lovingly curated, enduring fashion from out-of-the-ordinary people and places. Every Le Mondeur piece is handmade and mindfully sourced, and is either limited edition or simply one of a kind.

The Story

Le Mondeur (n.) : from French "le monde" (the world) but utterly Franglais, meaning the worlder, world traveler, adventurer or, more simply, a person of the world; also used to characterize a person who global adventure shops in the pursuit of hard-to-find, wearable art.

Le Mondeur was founded by Jess, who has an unshakeable penchant for adventure shopping. Jess began traveling and shopping the globe over 15 years ago. In that time, her love for seeking out unique jewelry and clothing became an unexpected way for her to better connect with the places and people she visited. Her collection also became a way for her to share her travel stories once home when strangers and friends would ask her where she found a certain necklace, scarf, dress, earrings, etc. Jess loves the human connection woven into these storied objects as they pass from creator to collector to admirer, adding layers of meaning at each exchange.

Le Mondeur was created to bring those curious admirers (and you!) a way of shopping for these hard-to-find pieces while also becoming a part of the story. From new adventures to old haunts, Jess travels deeper to find beautiful pieces of wearable art, defined by their fun and bold takes on traditional high artisanship. Jess looks for conversation pieces that can be effortlessly incorporated into any contemporary wardrobe. 

Concept & Mission

Le Mondeur works with a range of artisans, including individuals or families of artisans, cooperatives, fine artists and fashion-forward designers. Each of these collaborations is unique, but all are guided by certain overarching principles.

Le Mondeur believes in slow fashion. Every piece in our collections is chosen based on its lasting quality and use of traditional technique and local resources. For our collaborations, Le Mondeur seeks out artisans who employ techniques steeped in the cultural history and traditions with which they identify. The purpose of this is twofold: to financially empower artisans by providing them with consistent work and to support these continued traditions that too often fade away when mass production moves in. Le Mondeur also aims to support and highlight fashion-forward younger designers who are re-imagining learned techniques from their communities in innovative ways.

So much of what we love at Le Mondeur is creating meaningful and enduring relationships with artisans. This takes on many forms. For one, we strive to engage in direct trade with artisans or those who represent their best interests. This cuts out the middlemen and the extra costs that would otherwise be passed onto you. Most importantly, this ensures that artisans set their own prices to reflect the true cost of labor, materials and many other related factors that go into the production of each piece. This also means that we often get to visit artisans at their homes, workshops or stores to see how and where they work, and to learn more about them. 

The Store – A Few Notes

Every piece in the collection is handmade, and no two pieces are exactly alike. A few pieces represent limited editions while most are simply one of a kind. 

Most collection pieces are the product of ongoing artisan collaborations. Some pieces are one-time Mondeur finds that were just too good to pass up.

Where noted, it may be possible for Jess to reach out to artisans to custom order certain “sold out” items, just for you. 

Finally, each collection is living—that is, it will continue to evolve and expand over time, so please follow Le Mondeur on social media and check back frequently on the site for new finds.

Become a Mondeur

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Thank you for supporting Le Mondeur and artisans around the world!