Who are the Le Mondeur artisans?

At this time, Le Mondeur works with a select number of artists and artisans from Oaxaca, Mexico, Chiang Mai, Thailand, and the country of Georgia. They include individual and multi-generational families of artisans, cooperatives, social enterprises, fine artists and fashion-forward designers. Each maker's product is unique, as are the relationships we are building together through Le Mondeur. The result is a vibrant, diverse and fun (and funny) grouping of artisans who share a singular passion and vision for creating their beautiful, wearable art.

How do you find the artisans?

Le Mondeur is as much about making connections as it is about the wearable art that makes up our collections. The ways in which we find Le Mondeur artisans are many, and are often amusing. Research drives intentional meeting and destinations, but that is only part of what makes this possible. The most fruitful and inspiring connections are often the result of unplanned encounters. Following leads and intuition, we often find ourselves taking up offers to visit artisans in their homes or studios, learning more about their stories as well as where and how they live and work.

Want to know more about the artisans?

The best place to learn more about the artisans is through their work. Where we work in collaboration with someone, their name will be credited in the individual product description. These descriptions also provide insight into the artisan’s background and process. You can also read stories on the site, which often feature artisans in greater detail.