our shoe collections are masterfully handcrafted in small batches in Portugal with artisan textiles from the roads less traveled.

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designed in nyc

We world a little differently here at Le Mondeur. Made to take on the great cities of the world, we have perfected a limited repertoire of modern classics for maximum comfort and style – the ideal canvas for our global textiles.

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global textiles

Country by country, we travel the world to bring you the finest local textiles, sourced directly from artisans who are as unique as their work. Rich in color, texture, history and culture, the exquisite textiles at the center of each country collection reflect a traditional craftsmanship that has been reimagined into something surprising and eminently wearable for today’s worlder.

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Portuguese Craftsmanship

We believe that true luxury is something rare and thoughtfully made by hand. To bring you the finest and most comfortable handmade shoes, we partnered with a family-run factory in Portugal that represents generations of shoe making tradition. Stich by stitch, these master shoe makers transform our beautiful textiles and designs into small, unique collections that bridge tradition and contemporary design.