Meet our Portuguese shoe makers!

When we set out to create a shoe company, there were two things we were looking for: quality shoe making and good people. We found both of these things at the family-fun factory we work with in Sao Joao da Madeira, Portugal, where the art of shoe making spans generations, and where we felt welcomed and supported in our ideas from our very first meeting.

We work directly with our factory to realize each our designs (first picture below: our founder, Jessica, working with Pedro, who is the grandson of the factory’s original founder). It never ceases to amaze us just how many steps, skilled hands and passion goes into the making of every single pair of our shoes. There are at least 20 people who work on a single pair of shoes, some of whom have been honing their craft for over 40 years! So, if we seem enthusiastic about our shoes, it’s in large part because of this warm, talented group of artisan shoemakers who inspire us with their craft and dedication, and who ultimately make Le Mondeur possible.

Here’s just a little snapshot of the people and processes that go into the making of our shoes. Enjoy!

Jessica Singer